Online ISSN: 2788-6867


Perspectives of Photonics Technology to Diagnosis COVID–19 Viruses: A Short Review

Bakr A. Taha

Journal of Applied Sciences and Nanotechnology, 2021, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 1-6
DOI: 10.53293/jasn.2021.11016

The COVID-19 disease outbreak has emphasized the critical need for more sensitive analytical technology. Photonic technology focuses on studying light interaction analysis with the molecules to enhance diagnostic tools' accuracy. Due to the distinct spectral signatures, lasers have shown effectiveness in the classification and monitoring of viruses. This work aims to improve healthcare delivery in public areas, markets, hospitals, and airports. However, providing insights into the technical aspect also helping researchers identify the possibilities and difficulties in this field. This short review has been collect from four authoritative databases: Web of Science, Science Direct, Scopus, Google Scholar. This paper discusses emerging developments in photonic sensor applications such as telehealth, point care, and telescreens in environmental surveillance. It also includes modern studies to identify and diagnose viruses by using photonic techniques. Finally, it was found that the most effective approaches for reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus pandemic in the environment, besides collecting the big data via an intelligent optical fibre network between the hospitals and other public places.