The Journal of Applied Sciences and Nanotechnology (JASN) is proudly published by the distinguished University of Technology (UOT) in Baghdad, Iraq. Originally founded in 1960 in collaboration with UNESCO, UOT was established as an institute focused on the development of technical educators and applied engineering programs. Over the decades, UOT has evolved into a pioneering institution known for its excellence in a variety of specialized engineering and scientific disciplines. UOT's vision is to meet the dynamic demands of sustainability and innovation driven by evolving societal needs and rapid technological advances. Its primary mission is to train technically proficient engineers and experienced scientific researchers while adhering to international standards of accreditation, quality assurance, and ethics.

The UOT promotes the publication and dissemination of scientific research results. As a publisher, it publishes several scientific journals in various engineering, technological, and scientific fields. UOT strives to maintain the highest standards in academic publishing.

The UOT's diverse goals are to educate qualified graduates, emphasize applied research, promote high-tech programs, provide targeted postgraduate opportunities, develop innovative educational methods, advance the developments of IT, maintain international collaborations, continuously improve academic programs, and engage in comprehensive quality management. Structurally, the UOT includes hierarchical leadership and numerous administrative, academic, and research units, centers, facilities, and regulations. With a long-standing commitment to education, research and technological advancement, UOT has a rich history that has evolved from its founding as an institute to the independent, reputable university it is today. For more information about the University of Technology, visit its website at