Authorship signifies credit and responsibility for published work, embodying both recognition and accountability. It applies to all forms of intellectual products, including printed and digital publications of text, data, and images. By definition, authorship implies substantial intellectual contributions to the work and awareness of, and agreement to, the implications of publishing the content.

Criteria for Authorship

Individuals who have made significant intellectual contributions to the conception, design, execution, or interpretation of the published work should be credited as authors. This includes significant contributions to the research question, design, analysis, interpretation, and written description. Tasks such as providing technical help, translating texts, identifying patients for the study, supplying materials, and providing funding or administrative support, do not qualify an individual for authorship but can be acknowledged.

One author, typically the corresponding author, should take responsibility for the integrity of the whole work. All authors must approve the final version of the manuscript. While it would be ideal for all authors to be familiar with every aspect of the work, modern research is often collaborative and specialized, meaning some authors may be limited to specific parts of the study.

Number, Order, and Disputes of Authors

JASN does not limit the number of authors per submitted manuscript. In cases of multiple authors, especially from different institutions, a paragraph detailing each author's contribution should be included. All authors should meet the minimum authorship criteria, and the order of author names should be determined by the authors themselves.

Authorship disputes ideally should be resolved locally before the peer-review process begins. The Editor-in-Chief may intervene in special cases. Any changes in authorship order or omission of authors should be accompanied by a written request from all original authors at different stages of the manuscript peer-review process, acceptance, and publishing.