A conflict of interest occurs when an individual or organization is involved in multiple interests, one of which could possibly corrupt the motivation for an act in the other. In the context of academic publishing, conflicts of interest can affect the integrity of the research and the credibility of the journal. Therefore, the Journal of Applied Science and Nanotechnology (JASN) requires all authors to declare any potential conflicts of interest.

1. Definition

Conflicts of interest can be financial or non-financial. Financial conflicts of interest include, but are not limited to, receiving salaries, consultancy fees, funding, or grants from any organization that may gain or lose financially from the results of the study. Non-financial conflicts of interest include personal relationships, academic competition, and intellectual beliefs that may affect the objectivity of the published work.

2. Disclosure

At the time of manuscript submission, all authors are required to disclose all relevant financial and non-financial relationships and activities that might bias or be seen to bias their work. This should be included in a separate section entitled "Conflicts of Interest" after the main body of the manuscript, but before the references.

3. No Conflict of Interest

If there are no conflicts of interest, authors should state: "The authors declare that there are no conflicts of interest regarding the publication of this paper."

4. Managing Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest will not necessarily result in rejection of the manuscript. However, they must be declared and will be made available to readers. In cases where a conflict of interest is detected after publication, the journal will investigate any potential effects on the reliability of the published work and may issue a correction or retraction as necessary.

5. Responsibility of Authors

Authors are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their conflict of interest disclosures. Failure to disclose conflicts of interest may result in penalties, including the retraction of the published article and potential exclusion from future submissions to the journal.

By submitting a manuscript to JASN, the authors certify that they have read and agreed to the aforementioned guidelines concerning conflicts of interest.