The Journal of Applied Sciences and Nanotechnology (JASN) is a leading interdisciplinary open access journal that follows a rigorous, double-blind peer review process. JASN is a major representative of scientific and technological scholarship, disseminating high-impact research results from a broad range of scientific and technical disciplines, particularly applied sciences and nanotechnology.

Established in 2021 by the Department of Applied Sciences at the University of Technology-Iraq, the journal aims to provide a robust platform for intellectual dialogue, sharing groundbreaking discoveries, and fostering innovative collaboration among researchers, scientists, and engineers. JASN is published quarterly, with issues in March, June, September, and December.

JASN welcomes both theoretical and experimental contributions and offers three main publication formats: full-length research articles, review articles, and letters to the editor. The spectrum of disciplines covered by JASN is broad, ranging from pure and applied sciences to engineering, pharmacy, agriculture, medicine, health sciences, physics, chemistry, ecology, life sciences, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. However, the journal does not accept technical reports.

Adherence to ethical scientific practises is a top priority for JASN. Submitted manuscripts are carefully checked for plagiarism using professional software before they enter the review phase. Each manuscript is then subjected to rigorous review by at least two or three independent, qualified reviewers through a double-blind peer review process.

The journal operates under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY) licence, which ensures that all articles are freely available to the public. When a manuscript is accepted, authors immediately receive an acceptance letter initiating the publication process. A permanent electronic PDF copy of the published paper is then made available for unrestricted reading and downloading.

JASN's mission is not only to publish high-quality research addressing significant scientific and technological challenges, but also to serve as an important resource for the global scientific community. Through its commitment to fostering interdisciplinary research and innovation, JASN is committed to advancing knowledge of applied science and nanotechnology and delivering effective solutions that impact the real world.

Funding for the Journal of Applied Sciences and Nanotechnology comes from the journal's publisher, the University of Technology, and from publication fees collected from authors.




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