At the Journal of Applied Science and Nanotechnology (JASN), we highly value the contribution of reviewers to the peer-review process and the overall quality of the published articles. Their expertise and commitment ensure the scientific integrity of the research we publish, which, in turn, advances the knowledge in the fields of applied science and nanotechnology.

In recognition of their pivotal role, JASN has established several initiatives to acknowledge and reward our reviewers:

  1. Reviewer Certificate: After the completion of a review, reviewers will receive a certificate acknowledging their contribution. This certificate can be used for professional development and career advancement purposes.

  2. Reviewer Profile: Reviewers will have the opportunity to create a public profile on the JASN website. This profile can highlight their expertise, number of reviews completed, and other relevant information.

  3. Reviewer Credits: Each completed review can earn the reviewer credits. These credits can be used to access certain benefits, such as discounts on Article Processing Charges (APC) for their future submissions, or waived charges for a certain number of pages or figures in their manuscripts.

  4. Recognition in Journal Materials: At the end of each year, JASN publishes a 'Thank You to Reviewers' section in the journal, acknowledging all the reviewers who contributed their time and expertise during the year. This list does not link reviewers to specific papers, keeping the blind review process intact.

  5. Fast-Track Review for Reviewers: Reviewers who submit their own manuscripts to JASN may be eligible for a fast-track review process as a token of our appreciation.

  6. Reviewer Training: JASN also provides opportunities for interested reviewers to receive training on best practices for peer review.

  7. Reviewer Feedback: After the editorial decision has been made, reviewers receive feedback about the quality of their reviews and the final decision for the manuscript, fostering an ongoing learning process.

By recognizing our reviewers in this way, we hope to encourage a vibrant and dedicated reviewer community that continues to uphold the high standards of our journal.