Online ISSN: 2788-6867

Keywords : rs4073

Primer and Probe Designing to Detect SNP rs 4073 in Interleukin-8 Gene in Iraqi Patients with Bronchial Asthma

Media F. Ali Jan; Basima Q. Hassan Al-Saadi; Hiba M. Abdel-Hassan Al-Khafaji; Mohanad K. Aneed Al-Saedi

Journal of Applied Sciences and Nanotechnology, 2021, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 51-57
DOI: 10.53293/jasn.2021.3542.1034

Asthma is one of the most prevalent non-communicable illnesses, and it has a significant influence on the quality of life for many people. Asthma is now thought to be a multifaceted condition, with interactions between genetic susceptibility, host factors, and environmental exposures increasingly being blamed for its pathogenesis. In respiratory illness, interleukin-8 plays a critical function due to promoting phagocytosis and inducing angiogenesis. Also, identification and finding out the effect of these SNPs and how it can be dangerously related or contribute to a Bronchial Asthma disease. However, the available methods for detecting interleukin-8 gene polymorphism are direct and quantitative using Poly Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) in real time. Whole blood was isolated from 100 patients with asthma and 50 healthy individuals. The results of polymorphism in single nucleotides showed an essential role in the development of asthma and that the presence of these SNPs has a role in increasing the susceptibility of individuals to asthma, as the variation in the TT genotype at the site followed by the AT genotype at the same site shows high-risk damage.