Online ISSN: 2788-6867

Keywords : PSNPs

Developing Strategy for a Successful Antioxidant, Anticancer Activity via an Improved Method Prepared to Porous Silicon Nanoparticles

Kareem H. Jawad; Butheina Hasson

Journal of Applied Sciences and Nanotechnology, 2021, Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages 1-11
DOI: 10.53293/jasn.2021.3890.1054

Porous silicon nanoparticles, or PSNPs, are one of the most common NPS with distinct characteristics. PSNPs were created using an enhanced approach known as the electrochemical etching process. The nanoparticles were treated with a post-laser to obtain the nanoparticles, which were subsequently analyzed using (SEM), (UV-Vis), and (XRD). The size refers to porous silicon with a nanostructure. Because of the differences in interaction between the HF electrolyzed and silicon and crystal structure, PS (100) offers better NP properties than directional silicon (111). PSNPs' antioxidant activity was measured using the DPPH test, while cytotoxicity was measured using the MTT assay on Hella cells. PSNPs have an inhibitory impact on cancer cell growth and antioxidants, according to the findings. PSNPs did not have any toxicological effects on the skin, lungs, or spleen after injection.