Document Type : Review Article


1 Department of Chemistry, College of Education for Pure Science (Ibn Al-Haitham), University of Baghdad – Iraq

2 Ministry of Education, Directorate of Education/ Rusafa First – Iraq



Mannich base is a versatile compound that can be easily modified to introduce different functional groups, allowing for the creation diverse selection of items with varying features. Additionally, the Mannich reaction is a valuable tool in organic synthesis, due to the fact it provides an effortless and efficient approach for synthesizing C-N bonds. Overall, The Mannich base and even its derivatives are essential in many aspects of chemistry and its complexes are in the pharmaceutical industry. Studies have revealed that it shows good anti-cancer, anti-mycobacterial, remarkable anti-HIV, anti-tubercular, anti-convulsant, anti-fungal, antiviral, antitumor, cytotoxic activities and in industrial applications such as in the creation of polymers, surface activity agents, deter gents and resins. The presence of the basic Mannich sidechain has shown marked antimalarial, anti - inflammatory, analgesic and anti - microbial activities. These compounds have also been shown to inhibit corrosion, as well as antioxidant and reducing agents. This review article shows the definition, importance and different applications of Mannich base ‎ligands with transitional metal. These complexes exhibit potent anti-microbial, antiviral, and anti-cancer activities, showcasing their potential in pharmaceutical research and drug development. Moreover, the luminescent properties of Mannich base metal complexes have been harnessed for applications in optoelectronics and sensing. Their tunable emission profiles make them suitable candidates for various sensing platforms and light-emitting devices Mannich base metal complexes.


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