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Mathematics and Computer Application, Department Applied Sciences, University of Technology – Iraq


Graph Theory is a discipline of mathematics with numerous outstanding issues and applications in a variety of sectors of mathematics and science. The chromatic polynomial is a type of polynomial that has useful and attractive qualities. Ehrhart's polynomials and chromatic analysis are two essential techniques for graph analysis. They both provide insight into the graph's structure but in different ways. The relationship between chromatic and Ehrhart polynomials is an area of active research that has implications for graph theory, combinatorial, and other fields. By understanding the relationship between these two polynomials, one can better understand the structure of graphs and how they interact with each other. This can help us to solve complex problems in our lives more efficiently and effectively. This work gives the relationship between these two essential polynomials and the proof of theorems and an application related to these works was discussed, which is the model Physical Cell ID (PCID).


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